Tuesday, September 28, 2010

S E C R E T S & Jockin My Fresh

LOCK & LOAD ladies and gentlemen!!!

Secrets is proud to announce that they've been featured on Jocking My Fresh: sneakerhead blog bout shoes shoes and MORE shoes!!! A big THANK YOU & SHOUTOUT to our boy, Dennis for putting us on. as a young professional like ourselves, Dennis is most deff someone to reUP with for the inside scoop on sneaks&heels. as a new urban legend tweeted: "www.secretsfashionagency.com x www.jockinmyfresh.com #takingovertheworld One step at a time!"

we will be taking you to new levels. watch out now!

Until next time kidds ;)

S E C R E T S & Eleve Productions

#SSM (someone slap me!)

about two hours ago, i was in a meeting with Jaron Green of Eleve Productions and #OMG he is such an inspiration! at the tender age of 20yrs he Founded, Eleve Productions,

"Eleve is a radical production company, a hybrid of dance and fashion. We produce benefit shows that raise money and resources for marginalized and underprivileged people. We create seamless collaborations of musicians, designers, and movers. We provide a working environment that inspires a sense of community and unity for one common goal."

can we say?! on his way to #takingovertheworld. coordinating one of the most intriguing shows during #MNFW incorporating fashion and dance, i was impressed by the amount of time and energy he put forth to making this one month preparation show happen! hence my title, SOMEONE SLAP ME bc i think he did a PHENOMENAL job for the amount of time he had!!! sigh, this is why i love interacting with inspirational young professional entrepreneurs such as myself. if you haven't already check out Eleve Productions FB fanpage for more info and pictures from the show!

PS- im still sups mad that i didnt get a chance to make it out to his show but im looking forward to his 2011 spring show!!! yay =D

[recap] Joynoelle Spring 2011: More than just Green Eggs & Ham

Last week I (Davee) won a pair of tickets to the Joynoelle 2011 Spring Collection Fashion show courtesy of Pop Fizz Daily which is written & produced by Sara Glassman of the Star Trib & Metro Mag (thank you Sara & Popfizz!). Susie & I arrived fashionably late, but of course, and by some weird chance, we were rewarded for our lateness & upgraded to the later, longer-running (not to mention, more expensive) show. #lovinit The ambiance of this show was different from what I'm used to at Envision or any other show I've worked. The setting was an International Mkt Square loft that provided for an intimate scenery with about 75 guests, waiters with trays of food from Crave & Seven Sushi (uber deliciousness) and a signature cocktail appropriately named "Joy-tini".

Ms. Joy Teiken drew inspiration for this collection from of all things-- Dr. Suess. Amazingly, she was able to craft beautiful yet wearable, one-of-a-kind pieces that were anything but green eggs & ham-ish. The hats were seriously out of this world and so well-made that we had to ask Joy if she made them all by herself (she did!). Susie, being the make-up guru of the agency had to inquire about the story behind the make-up for the models (which was elegant, simple and very au naturel faces)-- to which Joy let us know was inspired by an older Valentino runway show. Enough with the verbage though-- here's some eye-candy!

simple & classic multi-purpose dress (think bridesmaid, bride, cocktail) with intricate detailing (ruffles, well-structured bodice)

LOVE LOVED the basket-weaving on the bodice & the overlay draping of the two fabrics on the bottom of the dress

one of the more edgier pieces: shimmery pants with an ultra-cool striped top (loving the choice of fabrics)--MY FAVE LOOK OF THE NIGHT!

close-up of the polka dot detail trousers, so quirky & totally dr. suess

what's not to love about these hats?

transition into a beautiful wedding dress
susieboo & i with Joy Teiken herself
us with our favorite girl at MNfashion, Angie Arner (Public Relations)
lastly, me giving Susie twitter101 #actionshot (last 2 photos courtesy of iammoody)

until next time,
xxo davee

[recap] The Sweet Life Fashion Show

...sdneirF ekaM t'noD S T E R C E S

S E C R E T S was in full support at The Sweet Life Fashion Show this past Sunday. The show was at a gorgeous location, OM Lounge. Setup included an "all white everything" appeal. It had unique designers that made the show happen. Definitely a change of pace for MPLS. The most raved about designers of the night were, The Yang & Jeantrix. Their very unique individuality made the crowd vibe with awe. Other designers of the night included, Adrienne Yancy of Ariel Simone, J & K Concepts, and upcoming designer, Ayah Ahmed. Aside from the fashion was a live dance performance. Overall, a good show.

For more photos check out: Kou Photography

The Yang



Thank You
photographer: Kou Photography

Monday, September 27, 2010

[recap] Pale Rider

We've been waiting for this show all MONTH! Dressed in all black to The Pale Rider show, Secrets mainstreamed the venue! Living up to it's Bryant Park theme with white drapes and beautiful lighting to illuminate the drapes, Pale Rider was ready to ROCK & ROLL (western style that is). Guests were prompted and surprisingly ON TIME! wahh?! YES, MNfashion started the show on time with no delays. Thank goodness! Danielle started the show with Raul following. Both collections were absolutely stunning and kept crowd anticipating at ease. They were just like the designers had described in the interview. fabulous.

I forgot to mention that Ellen Dahl of Minneapoline & VITA.MN spotted me AGAIN and asked for a photo of me for VITA.MN & her BLOG. eeek!!! HOW EXCITING?! funny thing, i totally recognized her and was totally wondering if she was totally going to ask me for a picture! AND SHE DID! yay me =) she also told me that i was chosen by a russion fashion blogger as a top pick for trends! WAH?! i need to find that article/blog/entry/#whateveritis!!! delicious... yum =)

Unfortunately, I only had a chance to click one picture but it was a stunning capture!!!

For more pictures check out, MNfashions FB.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

S E C R E T S & Jeantrix

Who says Secrets don't make friends?

I had the chance to venture into the world of designers Nyce & Homm of Jeantrix Clothing Co. We were out and about all over MPLS. I took'em out for a delicious lunch at Uptown Cafeteria & then we headed straight to MOA!!! It was the best experience they had while in MPLS. lol (I forgot how exciting MOA can be to newbies. hehee) They couldn't believe that MOA had a Nickolodeon Universe amusement park in it and took pictures right when they saw all the roller coasters. It was super cute to see their eyes light up as we got closer to Nickolodeon Universe. I almost got away with murder when I tried to get em to jump on a ride with me. LOL let's just say that was a #fail. =P Along with the amazement of MOA they couldn't believe how "nice" MPLS was. I told'em we have our share of niceness. Trust me, not everyone here is nice ;) All in all, i had a blast with the boys. They're the most down to earth designers you could ever meet. And I couldn't be any happier to have met and hung out with them. Now, I can't wait to see their collection at The Sweet Fashion Show!!!

There's only one thing I can say, we are definitely, TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

S E C R E T S if you don't know, now you know:
A: How'd you get started with designing?

N&H: We actually started off designing a pair of sneakers for ourselves. Our friends started to notice the sneakers and started asking us to design things for them. It went from sneakers to t-shirts and to where we are now.

A: How long have you been designing?

N&H: We've been designing for 7yrs now.

A: Holy shhh...wow, that's amazing! Who would you consider an inspiration to you right now?

N&H: Betsy Johnson & Lady Gaga are a few of our inspirations. Lady Gaga has definitely set the bar for people to start being different, more individualistic. We even got a tweet from someone saying that Jeantrix should collaborate with Lady Gaga.

A: hahaa nice, I was featured in the street style of VITA.MN one of our local newspapers and i stated that my idol was Lady Gaga. lol, good memories. So, whats next?

N&H: we're moving to NYC!

A: What do you think about MPLS so far?

N&H: Its cold but everyone here is soo NICE! It's different in Philly.

A: LOL is it weird that it's so nice? that's what we call the "minnesota nice".

N&H: no its not weird, it's kinda nice. when we told our friends coco&&breezy that we were going to MN they were like, "that's our hometown!". Now we know why they're so nice. lol

Jeantrix First Time At MOA

Designs by:
Jeantrix Clothing Co.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Venomous Villains Pre-Release Party

Sus & Mel

Makeup S E C R E T S:
Tuesday, Secrets personal MUA Sus and Personal Stylist Mel glamed it up at the MAC Cosmetics Pre-Release Party of Disney's Venomous Villains. The collection was shown @ the Mall of America. The atmosphere was filled was with: anticipating make up lovers, fellow makeup artist, fun creative photography, delightful cupcakes, drinks and many other tasty treats. While discovering and testing the new cosmetics they came across a few that became a personal fav! A girl's best friend, lip stick,lip gloss and lip liner! Check out the picture below of Sus for the beautiful color.

For further information on the products email info@secretsfashionagency.com.

Check out MAC's website for the interactive Venomous Villains intro! its sups cute =)

Photo: Makeupforlife

Photo: Makeupforlife

Angel's Secrets Pick from the collection:

Photo: Makeupforlife

Photo: Makeupforlife

Pale Rider Interviews

Secrets on Set with Raul & Danielle.
We had a chance to get right down and dirty with designers Raul and Danielle at the Industry Party held by MNfashion. Both collections were amazing! Especially up-close and personal!

Raul Osario & Danielle Everine being interviewed by Next Door Look!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoptalk w/MNfashion

Shoptalk held by MNfashion was a discussion highlighting, "What the Minneapolis Fashion Industry Needs Now”. We had a chance to gleam into the growing Fashion Industry of MPLS. Administered by Ms. Anna Lee herself, this group discussion was truly one of the highlights of #MNFW.