Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[recap] Envision: Artopia

i know i'm behind on this blog but it is nevertheless a blog that has to be blogged about because it has PICTURES! probs not the best quality but i'm working on it so bare with me.

Anywho, WHAT A NIGHT! We had a SUPS awesome night working with everyone at the show.
Last Friday Secrets had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Professional Image Consultant, Alice Sydow of I've Got Your Style at Envision: Artopia Fashion Show. The show featured designers, Allilamodie, Amanda Christine, Ariel Simone, Calpurnia Peach, Christopher Straub, James Reilly, Janny Carle, Kathryn V., Kjurek Couture, PFT Couture, Russell Bourrienne, Sydney Ilten, Tender Cuts, and ygy by Vivian. Along with local boutiques, Cliche, Drama, Karma, LOCAL MOTION, and OPM Boutique.

PS- don't get caught up in our lingo get caught IN with it ;)
Here's a pronunciation list of words you'll be seeing in our blogzs.

SUPS : soo-ps = super
PROBS: prob-s = probably
and if you see any "zs" attachment to words itzs just cause.

SECRETS behind the scenes:

Before the Madness

Things are starting to get a little hectic in the back!!!

Watch out here comes Ms. Alice =D

3, 2, 1, ACTION!

ygy by Vivian

This collection was AMAZING!!!

Where are all the male modes?! Here they are! =D

PFT Couture
Oh, PFT Couture you're SUPS fabulous. One of the sweetest designers anyone could possibly meet. Even with all the running around backstage she took the time to introduce herself and her daughter to me. Aw, we <3's>

Calpurnia Peach
Can we say, SUPS adorable! My fav outfit was the little mice dress on the far right. Yes, the pattern on the dress is of cute little mice =D. I remember being on the UofM campus shuttle and watching Ashley Wokasch finish stitching one of her awesome patterned skirts. calpurnia peach, your simply amazing!

Who wore it better?< style="text-align: left;">

I had the opportunity to be the personal stylist for Raina Hein of America's Next Top Model Cycle 14. She was the best model I could have worked with. SUPS cooperative and SUPS nice. Probs the most down to earth person you'll meet. However, the gown she's wearing (made by PFT Couture, one of my FAVS designers here in the TWINS) in the photo was modeled during the Rocco Altobelli Hair Show before she had the opportunity to strut her stuff on the runway! So, who do you think wore it better? Raina Hein or Model 2 (I apologize but I can't recall her name, sorry!)?

Raina Hein and owner of OPM Boutique rocked this simple but chic Blue Dress by OPM Boutique. It was SUPS cute to see the owner walking around and promoting her own products. The same concept was also done by designer Vivian of ygy. With Raina modeling Vivian's Coral & Silver Dress, Vivian was also promoting her line by wearing the main coral prints of the dress.

Action Shots of Alice Sydow of I've Got Your Style.

Now, enough with the show let's get Personal!!! =D

Alice Sydow of I've Got Your Style and her CREW.

That's a wrap!



  1. Well I have to say what a nicely written blog....I couldn't have done better myself and because Angel, who took all of the photos while I was running around, was such a PLEASURE to work with it was a breeze! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers which made the back stage at Envision run smoothly! xoxo Alice

  2. I would also like to thank Melinda and Davee for helping out as well: my two Wardrobe Warriors for I've Got Your Style! xoxo Alice

  3. Thank you Alice for giving us the opportunity!!! =)