Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[recap] Joynoelle Spring 2011: More than just Green Eggs & Ham

Last week I (Davee) won a pair of tickets to the Joynoelle 2011 Spring Collection Fashion show courtesy of Pop Fizz Daily which is written & produced by Sara Glassman of the Star Trib & Metro Mag (thank you Sara & Popfizz!). Susie & I arrived fashionably late, but of course, and by some weird chance, we were rewarded for our lateness & upgraded to the later, longer-running (not to mention, more expensive) show. #lovinit The ambiance of this show was different from what I'm used to at Envision or any other show I've worked. The setting was an International Mkt Square loft that provided for an intimate scenery with about 75 guests, waiters with trays of food from Crave & Seven Sushi (uber deliciousness) and a signature cocktail appropriately named "Joy-tini".

Ms. Joy Teiken drew inspiration for this collection from of all things-- Dr. Suess. Amazingly, she was able to craft beautiful yet wearable, one-of-a-kind pieces that were anything but green eggs & ham-ish. The hats were seriously out of this world and so well-made that we had to ask Joy if she made them all by herself (she did!). Susie, being the make-up guru of the agency had to inquire about the story behind the make-up for the models (which was elegant, simple and very au naturel faces)-- to which Joy let us know was inspired by an older Valentino runway show. Enough with the verbage though-- here's some eye-candy!

simple & classic multi-purpose dress (think bridesmaid, bride, cocktail) with intricate detailing (ruffles, well-structured bodice)

LOVE LOVED the basket-weaving on the bodice & the overlay draping of the two fabrics on the bottom of the dress

one of the more edgier pieces: shimmery pants with an ultra-cool striped top (loving the choice of fabrics)--MY FAVE LOOK OF THE NIGHT!

close-up of the polka dot detail trousers, so quirky & totally dr. suess

what's not to love about these hats?

transition into a beautiful wedding dress
susieboo & i with Joy Teiken herself
us with our favorite girl at MNfashion, Angie Arner (Public Relations)
lastly, me giving Susie twitter101 #actionshot (last 2 photos courtesy of iammoody)

until next time,
xxo davee

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