Monday, September 27, 2010

[recap] Pale Rider

We've been waiting for this show all MONTH! Dressed in all black to The Pale Rider show, Secrets mainstreamed the venue! Living up to it's Bryant Park theme with white drapes and beautiful lighting to illuminate the drapes, Pale Rider was ready to ROCK & ROLL (western style that is). Guests were prompted and surprisingly ON TIME! wahh?! YES, MNfashion started the show on time with no delays. Thank goodness! Danielle started the show with Raul following. Both collections were absolutely stunning and kept crowd anticipating at ease. They were just like the designers had described in the interview. fabulous.

I forgot to mention that Ellen Dahl of Minneapoline & VITA.MN spotted me AGAIN and asked for a photo of me for VITA.MN & her BLOG. eeek!!! HOW EXCITING?! funny thing, i totally recognized her and was totally wondering if she was totally going to ask me for a picture! AND SHE DID! yay me =) she also told me that i was chosen by a russion fashion blogger as a top pick for trends! WAH?! i need to find that article/blog/entry/#whateveritis!!! delicious... yum =)

Unfortunately, I only had a chance to click one picture but it was a stunning capture!!!

For more pictures check out, MNfashions FB.

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