Tuesday, September 28, 2010

S E C R E T S & Eleve Productions

#SSM (someone slap me!)

about two hours ago, i was in a meeting with Jaron Green of Eleve Productions and #OMG he is such an inspiration! at the tender age of 20yrs he Founded, Eleve Productions,

"Eleve is a radical production company, a hybrid of dance and fashion. We produce benefit shows that raise money and resources for marginalized and underprivileged people. We create seamless collaborations of musicians, designers, and movers. We provide a working environment that inspires a sense of community and unity for one common goal."

can we say?! on his way to #takingovertheworld. coordinating one of the most intriguing shows during #MNFW incorporating fashion and dance, i was impressed by the amount of time and energy he put forth to making this one month preparation show happen! hence my title, SOMEONE SLAP ME bc i think he did a PHENOMENAL job for the amount of time he had!!! sigh, this is why i love interacting with inspirational young professional entrepreneurs such as myself. if you haven't already check out Eleve Productions FB fanpage for more info and pictures from the show!

PS- im still sups mad that i didnt get a chance to make it out to his show but im looking forward to his 2011 spring show!!! yay =D

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