Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what's the big SECRETs?!

ABOUT ACYSECRETS- more specifically what this BLOG will pertain to:
ACYSECRETS is lead by me, Angel C Yang. "cult" leader of the @secrets_society, founder of Secrets Fashion Agency. There's no bigger secret but Secrets itself. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever time will give me. I will be updating you on the making of Secrets Fashion Agency. However, DONT get this confused! ACYSECRETS- secrets of an angel, is my PERSONAL blog which means it will reflect my personal thoughts. This blog is NOT Secrets Fashion Agency's personal blog, this is ACY (angelcyang)'s personal blog. Hopefully, that clears the air for those who have been wondering, what the bleep is beep is this? =P enjoy my randomness.

Secrets Fashion Agency has plans to take over the WORLD!!!

true believer that curiosity breeds TRAFFIC!
wondering whatever that means? it means that if your reading this you must be curious about Secrets Fashion Agency. More importantly you're a supporter (either negative or positive) of what Secrets Fashion Agency will be creating.

Secrets Fashion Agency is geared towards providing proper exposure to the striving independent, innovative, individual with a passion for the Fashion and Business industry.

[captured]- thanks ;D

But before we move on to the next one let's recap what's been done:

Day 2: Secrets Fashion Agency
on the move with our twitter account- CHECK
on the move with our personal email accounts- CHECK CHECK
on the move with our blogging- TRIPLE CHECK
on the move with our DREAMS- FILTHY CHECKING!!!

to the new 32 followers & supporters on TWITTER!
don't forget to follow us @secrets_society

to the readers, commenter's, & "like"r's on FB!

[captured]-thanks again ;D

This is Secrets, in the making. Checking out.

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