Sunday, October 24, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Minx Nails

Have you heard of the newest SECRET?

M.I.A. with MINX nails
Photo Courtesy of Nails Magazine

Everyone loves unique nails, whether they are freestyle designs, gel designs, french, or just plain color. But I had no clue what Jojo had in plan for my birthday present. I mean, I knew I was gettin' my nails did, but c'mon, a 45 min. drive to Solar Nails in Plymouth, MN just to get a manicure!?!? Get outta here! So obviously I haven't heard of the SECRET yet. Until Jojo surprised me with MINX nails. Happy Birthday to me! I loved my new MINX nails! It surely was worth the trip.

<3 JJ

Sunday, October 17, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Morrocan Oil

The secret behind Team SFA's luscious hair?

Photo Courtesy of: Tease Salon

This magic in a bottle instantly revives your hair, strengthening and conditions!  It gives the definite shine without the icky feeling when you think of the term "oil".  This product also protects your hair from environmental factors, restores it's elasticity, and believe it or not, reduces drying time when it's wet!  At times, I even use it for my skin!  And the best part, it smells great!  You can find Moroccan Oil in salons throughout the nation.  It's a must have goodie to always keep in your bag!

<3  minabeans


Friday, October 15, 2010

1st Lady Vashtie Kola for Air Jordan

L A D I E S ,
let's put this in the books that our girl Vashtie Kola "downtown's sweetheart" has set the bar yet again! being one of our idols/inspirarions/rolemodels/everything in between and all around we had to do it BIG. in HONOR of the FIRST lady to design a pair of Air Jordan Retro 2 Sneakers, S E C R E T S held a private photoshoot @studiiyo23. miss VK, is most DEFF an independent woman who lives life by her own demeanor; a director, artist, producer & most importantly a visionary entrepreneur. BIG shout outs to miss VK & thank you for paving the way for those of us who are on our way to

S E C R E T S review: 
Violette|Suede|Violette/SilverMetallicLaces|SilverLining|DeepPurpleOutsole|SilverMidsole|DeepPurpleTrimming|JordanWingTongue|NikeBackTab|Fitted|Snug|VIOLETTE TissueBedding

VK's Personal Color Description- "The color is representative of me, my brand VIOLETTE and the females that would wear the shoe – so the deep purple and lavender made the most sense. I also wanted to stay true to the silhouette since the Jordan is a man’s shoe, I wanted to balance those two worlds of masculine and feminine. Since it’s the 25th anniversary of the 2, it was important to pay homage which you traditionally do through giving the gift of silver. You’ll notice the silver accents throughout the shoe."- DIMEMAG

Big SHOUTOUT to the owner of Studiiyo23 Moh Habib for my FAB pair.



Director | MU & HAIR | Stylist | Model: Angel Yang
FIT 1: Jordan Hoodie @studiiyo23 | White Vneck Tee @Jcrew | Lace Leggings @miniminimarket | VashtieJ2 @studiiyo23 | G-Shock Watches @studiiyo23 | Accessories @angelcyang
FIT 2: Hellz Bellz Tee @hellzbellz | Khaki Treggings @uniqlo | VashtieJ2 @studiiyo23 | Accessories @angelcyang
FIT 3: StapleDesign Marshall Jacket @studiiyo23 | Jordan Hoodie @studiiyo23 | Lace Leggings @miniminimarket | VashtieJ2 @studiiyo23 | G-Shock Watches @studiiyo23 | Wooden Necklace @studiiyo23 | Accessories @angelcyang
Photographer: Kou Photography 
Venue: Studiiyo23 | 2319 Hennepin Avenue S | Minneapolis Minnesota, 55405

Sunday, October 10, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Mulberry for Target

What's our S E C R E T S?
Officially launched at select Target stores today til December 24th.

The boss-lady (Angel), per usual, was definitely on her purse game & copped hers ASAP (right after dim sum!). The Pebble Crossbody is perfect for date night, GNO (Girl's Night Out- get on your acronym game!) & can even be a substitute for your big ass messenger bag I know you're always dragging around at school. For the more visually-conscious folks, we included some eyecandy of what kind of S E C R E T S you can find in an SFA girl's Mulberry bag.
xxo- DAV


Thursday, October 7, 2010

JEANTRIX mpls video

[if you dont know, now you know.]
our good friends Nyce & Homm of Jeantrix Clothing Co. had been tweeting about editing a video of their trip to MPLS. Being SUPS nervous about the video I waited patiently & finally received the tagged tweet of the video! unfortunately for me, the iphone4 wasn't being a good friend and I couldn't watch it til I got on the laptop. OMG! I couldn't STOP laughing. I was on a serious "LOL"!!! you have to watch the video to understand. keep your eyes open for me! =D (feeling like a superstar ;P) #imlovinit

if you haven't already, you need to start!
follow us on twitter @secrets_society & jeantrix @JEANTRIX
keep connected with the boys on their youtube account at JeantrixTV.

A BIG SHOUTOUT TO JEANTRIX for making the video happen!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

kidzs w/kickzs

a big THANK YOU to both
mommy's & daddy's 
for allowing us to capture
kidzs w/kickzs.

photographed below are 
two baby sneaker heads 
who dont even know it yet.

models: miles&dino
photographer: acy
shoes: baby jams & baby forces

Monday, October 4, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K

What's our S E C R E T S? it's "Under My TrenchCoat"
Sephora by OPI joined forces this fall to bring you a long lasting supply of coats.
@secrets_society is rocking the hott beige trench tailored themed "under my trenchcoat" polish this week.

what's your secret?

This product image released by OPI Images shows the Under My Trenchcoat nail polish by OPI for Sephora. (AP Photo/OPI Images) ** NO SALES **;;;;;OPI Images