Sunday, October 10, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Mulberry for Target

What's our S E C R E T S?
Officially launched at select Target stores today til December 24th.

The boss-lady (Angel), per usual, was definitely on her purse game & copped hers ASAP (right after dim sum!). The Pebble Crossbody is perfect for date night, GNO (Girl's Night Out- get on your acronym game!) & can even be a substitute for your big ass messenger bag I know you're always dragging around at school. For the more visually-conscious folks, we included some eyecandy of what kind of S E C R E T S you can find in an SFA girl's Mulberry bag.
xxo- DAV


1 comment:

  1. Super cute! I was thinking of getting the black satchel, but I'm iffy about the patent material. You have a point about dragging those messenger bags at school. I usually toss my wallet in my backpack and call it a day but this adds chicness and femininity.