Sunday, October 24, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Minx Nails

Have you heard of the newest SECRET?

M.I.A. with MINX nails
Photo Courtesy of Nails Magazine

Everyone loves unique nails, whether they are freestyle designs, gel designs, french, or just plain color. But I had no clue what Jojo had in plan for my birthday present. I mean, I knew I was gettin' my nails did, but c'mon, a 45 min. drive to Solar Nails in Plymouth, MN just to get a manicure!?!? Get outta here! So obviously I haven't heard of the SECRET yet. Until Jojo surprised me with MINX nails. Happy Birthday to me! I loved my new MINX nails! It surely was worth the trip.

<3 JJ

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