Sunday, November 7, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Cuff Bracelets

Cuff up the good stuff!

SFA's SECRET to making a bold statement is super chunk-AY! When making those finishing touch's to your fit, spruce it up with a chunky cuff bracelet.You will most def spot an SFA girl sporting a cuff to her casual or even dressy fit. This accessory can be an easy and cheap find. Our girl Angel scored  her adorable  snake skin cross over cuff & black lock cuff on Black Friday at the Guess Accessory store in MOA, Davee snatched her brown lock cuff from Saks Fifth Avenue, and I (Mel) snagged mine from Fringe on Grande Ave in St.Paul. Ladies, no matter what style you represent; chic, rocker, classy or just plain jane...this certain accessory will most def make a statement about you and your great fashion sense.


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