Friday, December 31, 2010

S E C R E T S of the W E E K: Suede Wedged Boots

CR Suede Wedged Boots

We've done it AGAIN! Our Secrets of the Week went VIRAL between, Angel-la, Davee-la, & Mina Beans. After coming home with my pair and sharing my fabulous holiday gifts with the girls they went OMG crazy over these babies. When more than two of the SFA members purchase the same item it becomes featured as the Secrets of the Week (SOTW). Unfortunately, if you want a pair of these bad girls you'll have to order online because they're sold out throughout the MPLS area! Goodluck finding them around town ;) PS- we purchased these at the fabulous and affordable price of $20 from what I like to call, Charlotte Russel but it's really Charlotte Rousse. 

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