Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's Friday night and you're flipping through your Twitter feed looking for the spot. Where's @MelDubs tonight? You know it's the night before NYE but you might just run into @KiddUniverse. And buy him a drank. Oh snap! Did @IamSarahEdwards just RT about a party in NE? You throw on some nice kicks, bust out that Minnesota flannel and holler at your crew.

A few brews and a car load of girls later, you arrive at Honey. Why? Because DJs So Gold (WantsVsNeeds) and Ken Hannigan (Anthem Heart) are teaming up to bring you a dance party like never before. Plus they're both damn handsome.

You check those inhibitions at the door, re-apply that red lipstick, kiss up on that boy (or girl), and yesyou Tweet about it. Oh, did we mentionone of NYC's most talented (JustBrad) is on hand to capture every single moment?

Boom. And just like that, you're Last Night Famous.

Make it happen.
205 E Hennepin
Doors at 10pm
$3 before 11pm, $5 after

Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Fun

Just being quirky while working.
Photos took place during the Envision Artopia Fall 2011 Fashion Show.

Photo Credit: Cassie Nguyen

Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Set: Fresh Traditions V Fashion Show

The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) held it's 5th Annual Fresh Traditions Fashion Show. Embracing the rich Hmong culture and infusing it with a creative direction of art and fashion. This year CHAT presented us with designers, Ashley Yang, Dokiang Thao, Marlena Thao, Sai Chang, and Kao Lee Thao. 

Read more about the event and designers on

Friday, November 11, 2011

Random SXSW Photo Diary 2011

Stalking myself on the laptop and thought I'd post a few of my favorite SXSW photos. I recapped the photos with words, phrases, themes, of my thoughts as I review them. Each captured moment has it's own story to tell. So, let's take it back, way back, back into time...

photo 1: fast nights

photo 2: behind the band accessories

photo 3: slithering drummer

photo 4: caught green handed

photo 5: product shoot

photo 6: mindful

photo 7: 2 attentive crowd

photo 8: networking

photo 9: moving still

photo 10: frozen treats

photo 11: tailgating

photo 12: domain

photo 13: essential

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recap: Halloween 2011 iPhone Photo Diary

What a way to end the month! Halloween this year was pretty much awesome. Although I didn't have any creative costume direction I tried my best to stay consistent with some idea. This year I saw a million zombies, black & white swans, superheroes, mario & luigi's, insects (bumble bee's, lady bugs, etc.), and a mix of a lot of let's put some shit together and go out (basically what I accomplished!)! Hands down, BEST costume I saw this year goes to BUZZZZZZ LIGHT YEARRRRR & the JELLYFISH we had to track down at First Ave.

Photos are in no particular order...

Random Group Photo Courtesy of Cody Lidtke of City Pages

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

London Fashion 2010

Tonight my late night snack consisted of emails, calendar updates, research, planning, brainstorming, and the local news. Since I've loaned my mac to my cousin I've been using my old HP. WOW, does it have a ton of photos and more importantly, memories dating about 3yrs back. As I was going through my folders, I stumbled upon photos of when I was in London. I had interned as a Merchandising Assistant with Veldhoven Group, a collective of four premium fashion labels predominantly located throughout Europe. I merchandised all  labels Sandwich, Stills, and  NONO in the showrooms and warehouse. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to assist in the acquisition of their newest brand, Turnover. It was a busy month for us. Preparation for a new showroom, with new inventory, new buyers, and Pure London, the UK's biggest trade shows (similar to Magic), right around the corner (literally half a month away from finalizing the acquisition) had me exhausted. Mainly because before Pure London I had already bought tickets to Paris, France to visit my family. I couldn't reschedule because I was pressed for time. Although time didn't seem to be on my side it actually worked out for the best. I spent a week in Paris and made it on time for the last two days of Pure London. Anywho, I wanted to share a few photos of the Veldhoven Group Family, and the Turnover booth at Pure London. Until next time!


Here's our tiny but super cute contemporary showroom for labels Stills and Sandwich in Fulham, London.

working front desk

 My partner in crime, Robyn Dark. Aw, we had such great times together. Especially, happy hour after work! =) 

Sandwich Showroom #1

Sandwich Showroom #2

Sandwich & Stills Showroom #3 (eagle view)

HOBBS, our warehouse location for all inventory. Took me an hour and a half travel time to get out of the city and into Lingfield every other day of the week. 

Little Phillip Toogood, aww how I miss thee! =P

Pure London 2010

Photos Courtesy of Veldhoven Group