Monday, May 23, 2011

Photo Recap:The Secret Garden Fashion Show

We've been busy prepping for the summer and fall that it's been about a month since The Secret Garden Fashion Show and we're finally posting photos. Again, we would like to THANK everyone who was involved in the show. If it weren't for you our show wouldn't have been the success it was. Relive a few of the beautiful photos from the elegant night (click photo to enlarge).



Designer: Khamphian Vang 

Designer: Sina Yi

Designer: Autumn Kirchman

Designer: Ninh Nguyen

Designer: Tony Eliason

For more photos check out our Facebook Fan Page at Secrets Fashion Agency.

A Glimpse of The Secret Garden

Thanks to Delane Cleveland who did an amazing job capturing the ideas and inspiration behind our fashion designers, and the creative vision that turned 'The Secret Garden Fashion Show' into such a success. Relive the journey of Alice falling through the rabbit hole and into the Garden once more, enjoy the video!


Monday, May 9, 2011


i'm taking a new direction with the blog.
before it was strictly for SFA
and now that SFA has it's own blogger acct,
i can move forward with contiuing this blog
for myself.

enjoy the random rants of the future.

<3 <3