Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's Friday night and you're flipping through your Twitter feed looking for the spot. Where's @MelDubs tonight? You know it's the night before NYE but you might just run into @KiddUniverse. And buy him a drank. Oh snap! Did @IamSarahEdwards just RT about a party in NE? You throw on some nice kicks, bust out that Minnesota flannel and holler at your crew.

A few brews and a car load of girls later, you arrive at Honey. Why? Because DJs So Gold (WantsVsNeeds) and Ken Hannigan (Anthem Heart) are teaming up to bring you a dance party like never before. Plus they're both damn handsome.

You check those inhibitions at the door, re-apply that red lipstick, kiss up on that boy (or girl), and yesyou Tweet about it. Oh, did we mentionone of NYC's most talented (JustBrad) is on hand to capture every single moment?

Boom. And just like that, you're Last Night Famous.

Make it happen.
205 E Hennepin
Doors at 10pm
$3 before 11pm, $5 after

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