Monday, January 2, 2012


We ended the year with a great deal of dedication and team work.
Prior to our engagement with Mystique Le Cirque 2012 NYE event presented by Ignite Models Inc., unforeseen circumstances plowed us--yet only drove us to became even more ambitious with our end of the year projects; with just two months to conceptualize and prepare for our runway segment in Mystique, we also agreed to partake in an upcoming music video with John Marc at a holiday event held at Fringe Boutique--and a pre-NYE dance party, better known as Last Night Famous. We had our projects set for us and was determined to end the year even stronger than how we began.

Hardwork, Smartwork, Allwork all rely on the individuals at hand.

In this case, SFA made it a goal to continually step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. MN, we're proud to say we've conquered a year of consistency and presence within the community! Our vision to continually diversify the community will be--
cannot be through only our secrets but yours as well. With much respect, may the new year bring you health and wellness, happiness and joy, and most importantly, wisdom to move forward in your everyday life.

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