Monday, March 12, 2012

RECAP: Summer 2011

Last summer (2011) we attended the grand opening of the second location for the menswear boutique, Behaviour (20) with our friend Ninh Nguyen of NINH. We were surrounded by gorgeous men and women both dressed in their finest. The grand opening was hosted and coordinated by The New York Issue. There was check-in service, wine that was served, and an "exclusive selection of premier European designers not available elsewhere in the United States"- Behaviour (20). Be sure to check out the boutique located on 160 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011. On that note don't forget to visit our good friend Ninh Nguyen's recently launched online shop featuring his amazing jackets, "The NINH label is for the modest, confident man, the intellectual and cultured, the passionate and open-minded – a modern-day Renaissance man."- NINH

L2R: Ninh Nguyen, Daniel Alexandre, Angel Yang, Alex Johnson

Photography: Billy Farrell Agency