Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my bday weekend

HEY, it’s my bday! 
i celebrated my first bday in NYC. unfortunately, i don’t know too many people yet to make it a BIG one but i was inspired recently by one of my gf’s halloween ideas, PARTY ANIMALS! 3 days prior to my bday i sent a FB invitation and invited everyone i knew in NYC to join me in their fancy outfits and cute animal masks. 
the night went down like this, celebrated by bday at The Ugly Kitchen until 330am, stopped at Capella to get a couple dance moves in, and made my final destination to the airport. drunk as i was i made it on the plane and knocked out. 
made it home, took a shot of plum wine at 11am (forced by my parents due to it’s deliciousness) and recovered for the 2nd part of Party Animals at my favorite venue, Honey Lounge. like always i had to end the night dancing to amazing music DJ’d by Brother Author. #TRAPSTEPMUSIC
i continued the weekend with a princess party at my parents. had all my baby nieces dress up in their fancy dresses, pranced around in the backyard, and had an ultimate tea party. 
yep, that pretty much wraps up my amazing bday weekend. 

as always, i have photos! =)


yeah, gifts!

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