Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Success takes time, patience, and dedication.

Check me out in NU-MODE MAGAZINE: STYLE PERSPECTIVE pg 200-201!

This past summer I had the opportunity to shoot with Daniel Rampulla and interview with John Mark of Nu-Mode Magazine. In the past, I worked with John Mark and he was one of the sweetest people I ever met. When I was scheduled to meet with the photographer, Daniel, we had the best conversation about fashion, style, art, and photography. He was definitely one of the most unique person I have ever met whilst living in New York. 

The day of the photo shoot happened to be one of the hottest days of NYC. I had prepared a change of 3-4 outfits and was sweating profusely! I was not cute... Luckily for me, I had a chance to stop into Brooklyn Roasting Company to grab an ice cold coffee. Oh, how that helped cool me down...

The shoot was successful, but my trip home was dreadful. I'm sure you all can guess what happens on a hot humid New York City day!

Thank you Daniel, John Mark, and Nu-Mode Magazine for this amazing feature. I look forward to your future issues! <3

What I Wore:
Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses
Vintage Leopard Jacket
Hellz Bellz Innocent Tee
H&M Fringe Skirt
Audrey Brooke Heels
Accessories Range from: Guess, Forever21 & Hells Kitchen Flea Market

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